We are excited to announce that Tom Garner will be joining the Board of Directors as a Non-Executive Director of Delphic HSE.

Tom has a First Class Honours Degree in Business Management and has a vast experience in negotiating and providing services to some of the world’s largest, most influential and recognisable names from both private and public sectors.  

Tom started working with Delphic HSE in 2015 as a business development consultant. Since his appointment, Tom has helped Delphic to exceed its Business Development objectives each year.  His dedication and contribution to the company has been above and beyond anything we could have hoped for.  Tom has imbedded himself into our team and worked with our staff, customers and suppliers as a Delphic HSE member from the beginning and we are extremely pleased to have him join us in this way.

Congratulations Tom, and welcome to the Board.

Cliff Betton


Written by
Cliff Betton
Chairman & CEO

Post uploaded 14th January 2018

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