In a year of so much change, we’re very proud to be an organisation where the changes have been positive. For the clients, staff, friends and families of the business – I thought it would be useful to summarise last year and look ahead to what’s in store for 2017.

Hong Kong growth

When we opened our office in Hong Kong in 2015, we knew the scale of the opportunity. Realising how to take the advantage of that opportunity, however, was not going to be easy. Today, under the leadership of Dr. James Wakefield, our first regional office is going from strength to strength. There is high demand from overseas manufacturers wanting to export to Europe, which requires specialist EU regulatory and compliance consultancy.

A factor we hadn’t accounted for was how popular the office would be with our UK and EU clients who manufacture their products over in Hong Kong/China and the support the team over there can provide when liaising directly with factories in the area.

In the last 6 months we have added two new employees to the mix, Kenneth Yung and Lin Yang. We look forward to welcoming them all over to the UK office throughout 2017’s office exchange programme.

New client on-boarding

2016 welcomed a lot of new clients to Delphic, all from various industries and specialties. Our flexible approach to consultancy and training has become of huge interest to our clients and has driven diversification from what used to be our core business of Product Safety Assessments.

We have seen our staff placed directly into our clients’ offices to assist with the setup of new compliance processes, to audit current work and systems, to train their staff directly, and even become their complete compliance department.  We hope this continues throughout 2017 and look forward to learning more about the customers we meet.

Board growth

Throughout 2016 we welcomed some amazing people on to the board of directors at Delphic. Professor Paul Leinster CBE has been a fantastic addition working closely with our board and bringing with him a wealth of knowledge to the table.  Paul has also been involved in a lot of our Environmental consultancy work throughout the year.  We hope to be able to utilise him throughout 2017.

We have already mentioned Dr. James Wakefield, who became a Director in July of 2016. With the amazing job he is doing over in Hong Kong, we welcomed him onto the Board with open arms, I’m looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings for James.

Most popular service area

Our most popular service area is still the Cosmetic Product Safety and Compliance; however, we have seen a large growth in Toy Product Safety as well as our General and Legal Consultancy services.  With the growth, we’ve seen in these areas, we are certainly looking at a very exciting and interesting 2017 as our experiences continue to diversify.

New office

Delphic have been looking at new offices for a long time now, trying to find the right location and right team to work on it.  We are very excited by the opportunities which we have found and now have the envious task of finalising which location we should prioritise. This is a very exciting time for us as we reach the end of a couple of years of market research, data gathering and preparation for our next venture!

Our brand new, spacious and modern office come with big meaning, and should give everyone an indication of the trajectory of the business.

New website

This year we’ve been exploring new realms of marketing and, in the name of modernisation, we are already in the process of creating a much more intuitive, user-friendly website. Potential and existing customers will be able to book courses online, as well as find all the information they need to clearly understand our offering throughout the world. Our new site will be set to scale and support the business as we come to an exciting period in our history.

In short, I’m delighted. The team here have been fantastic and they are showing their world-class character day in, day out. Here’s to 2017.

Written by
Cliff Betton
Chairman & CEO

Post uploaded 25th January 2017

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