Date & time: 28th November 2018

Location: London

Teaching method: Online, bespoke or classroom

The primary purpose of this advance-level training is to provide you to an in-depth understanding of the primary requirements of CLP.  The European Union CLP Regulation aligns the EU system of classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures to the United Nations Globally Harmonised System (GHS). Conformity with CLP is not an option in the EU but compliance will also facilitate global trade and the harmonised communication of hazard information of chemicals.  Delphic HSE will explain your responsibilities and how compliance with CLP will better protect workers, consumers and the environment.  We will consider all practical aspects of hazard determination, identification and communication.

The course includes:
• Main features of both CLP and GHS and the way in which they are aligned
• Identifying products that are affected by the regulation
• Detailed understanding of labelling including H and P phrases, Hazard Symbols and signal words
• Practical application of CLP for your products
• Using CLP principles outside of the EU

James Wakefield

Director, Asia Pacific

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Delivered by recognised industry experts



Modern, interactive training techniques



Applied to your industry and objectives



Supported by ongoing consultation

The Delphic Promise

We promise that each delegate completing the training will be competent to:

• Explain CLP and understand the importance of its compliance to their business
• Confidently apply the classification criteria to their products
• Source further information and when to engage Delphic HSE services

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