Teaching method: Online, bespoke or classroom

This course is suitable for EU markets only.

The purpose of this training is to provide detailed instruction on the accurate portrayal of your product to the consumer. Your customers know about your product from your marketing messages. The final choice they make to use your product is often what they read on the label. In Europe, what you say and what you write must be accurate and substantiated by verifiable evidence. Your product label must adhere to various regulations that govern weights and measures, artwork, ingredients and descriptions for example.  These cannot be left to chance; ignorance of the regulations is not an excuse for non-compliance. Delphic HSE will help you to understand your responsibilities for accurate claims and compliant labelling.  We will share our experience of claims and label professional services to give you the practical knowledge to use in your own company.

The course includes:

  • EU regulations that apply to claims and labelling
  • Practical interpretation and application of the regulations
  • Workshop on appropriate and inappropriate claims
  • Exercise to review and critique different label examples
  • Management of evidence in the Product Information File

Jack Burgess

Senior Compliance Analyst

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Delivered by recognised industry experts



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The Delphic Promise
We promise that each delegate completing this training will be competent to:

• Prepare a claims and label checklist for use in their own company
• Give advice to marketing and sales staff on claims and their substantiation
• Access and interpret the EU regulations associated with claims and labels
• Recommend when further professional advice or services of Delphic HSE are required

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