Date & time: 26th September 2018

Teaching method: Online, bespoke or classroom

The purpose of this training is to explain the detailed maintenance and management of the Product Information File (PIF).  EU Regulation 1223/2009 makes a compulsory requirement that all cosmetic products placed on the European market have a fully constituted PIF.  The PIF, therefore, is the primary source of product information and the standard of its preparation, maintenance and control should not be compromised.  Delphic HSE will help you to understand the detailed process of information management.  We will explain the 5 Sections of the PIF and the constituent elements of each Section.  Using examples from our own database, we will workshop the most effective management and formatting of data and how to manage PIFs in a multi-product environment.

This course includes:

  • Role of the ‘Responsible Person’ to maintain the PIF
  • Recording the finished product specification
  • Claims substantiation
  • Use of the PIF for product registration
  • Completion and filing of the Cosmetic Product Safety Report

Jack Burgess

Senior Compliance Analyst

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The Delphic Promise

We promise that each delegate completing this training will be competent to:

  • Efficiently manage product information
  • Register and notify products
  • Explain PIF to colleagues and how it supports labelling, claims and other support processes
  • Build and maintain a PIF management system
  • Source further information and when to engage Delphic HSE services

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