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Delphic HSE staff have many years of experience advising on, and critically evaluating, our customers' products and businesses. By combining this expertise with key contacts at leading commercial and academic organisations, we can offer an extensive range of services to our clients.


Responsible Person

We can act as your appointed third party Responsible Person for ultimate security.

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Product Safety

Ensuring the safety of products being placed on any national or international market is one of the primary requirements of any responsible manufacturer, supplier, distributor, retailer or brand owner.

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Product Compliance

Regulation surrounding consumer products and industrial chemicals continues to grow and grow. Keep up-to-date with the requirements and changes affecting your product lines.

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Product Testing

A wide range of consumer products and industrial chemicals require at least some level of physical or analytical testing in order to substantiate safety and legal compliance.

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Expert Witness

With increasing legislative complexity and a penchant for litigation, obtaining a suitable toxicologist as an expert witness can be of critical importance in business cases involving the exposure to, and effects of, chemicals on people and the environment.

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Environmental Safety

Unparalleled experience in Environmental Safety with regards to chemical risk and exposure assessment.

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Bespoke Services

We offer many clients bespoke risk assessments, training, regulatory advice and consultancy.

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Delphic Assist

Ongoing advice and consultation to support or act as your compliance department.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding safety, compliance or your future plans, don't hesitate to get in touch. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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Delphic HSE presenting at in-cosmetics Asia 2017

Dr Lin Yang, Delphic HSE Toxicologist will be speaking at in-cosmetics Asia held in Bangkok from 31 October to 2 November 2017.

Posted 22nd October 2017
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Successful application to the UK and EuroTox Register of Toxicologists

Congratulations Dr Lisa Tian.

James Wakefield by James Wakefield
Posted 11th October 2017
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Child has severe reaction to 'Black Henna' whilst on holiday - find out the truth about Henna

This news story is only one of many alarming and saddening stories to have been reported over the past couple of years and highlights just how important it is to know exactly what is going on our skin.

Cliff Betton by Cliff Betton
Posted 3rd September 2017
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