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Manager, APAC & Senior Toxicologist
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Alec obtained his honours degree specialising in Toxicology from University of Toronto, followed by a MSc degree in Food Safety and Toxicology from University of Hong Kong with research focusing on mycotoxin contamination in Chinese Herbal Medicines. He then carried out his internship in the Regulatory Affairs team of Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited, assisting in the development of tools to monitor registration of pharmaceuticals. With continued interest in the field of toxicology, he then moved on to pursue a PhD degree in the University of Hong Kong focusing on the effects of environmental pollutants to the human placenta. Upon completion of his graduate studies, he began his training as a toxicologist for SGS Hong Kong Limited, specialising in risk assessment of consumer products and household chemicals. As a toxicologist he had also received professional training in the area of risk assessment from the Dutch national programme for vocational postgraduate training in toxicology, as well as on EU cosmetic safety assessment from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Alec is a member of the Royal Society of Biology, the British Toxicology Society and is a UK/EuroTox Registered Toxicologist. He is now leading an experienced team of toxicologists and regulatory consultants in the APAC offices of Delphic HSE, responsible for the safety assessment for cosmetics, toys and household products based on global consumer product regulations.

Dr. Alec Kor

Manager, APAC & Senior Toxicologist

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