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Junior Toxicologist
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Nitharsa obtained her Bachelor’s degree from De Montfort University in Forensic science, where she studied a broad range of subjects including Toxicology. Nitharsa then obtained a Master’s degree in Toxicology from University of Birmingham, where she studied a variety of subjects including mechanism of toxicity, occupational, clinical and forensic toxicology, ecotoxicology, regulatory toxicology and assessment of toxic potential. Nitharsa did her Master’s project at Syngenta, where she looked at the predictive value of pathology findings, using the RISK 21 frame, in short and long term studies in order to reduce animal use in toxicity studies.

Nitharsa joined Delphic after completing her Master’s degree in 2019. Her main responsibility is hazard identification of ingredients.

Nitharsa Vamathevan

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