UK/EU Cosmetic Regulation: 26 April 2019 (Hong Kong)


Bespoke or classroom based training.
Course Dates: HK: 26 April 2019
Location: Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin


What does Brexit mean for Cosmetic regulation and compliance in the UK and EU?

This experience-based training is designed to help explain the UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations and more importantly what this means to you. Using the vast experience of Delphic HSE the training will explore the intent of the regulations, the interpretation of the regulations and an overview of the recent changes. The training will also offer an interactive session on product safety assessment Process, Principle and Practice.

This course includes:

  • Introduction to UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations
  • Comparisons between the regulations
  • Compliance in practice
  • Storing and exploring the Product Information File
  • Registering with the EU Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) and UK Portal
  • What does the future hold
  • Understanding the safety assessment
  • The Principles, Problems and Practice of assessments
  • Useful Tips for you and your products


Personal objectives were met.


Enhanced my knowledge & skills.


Training covered everything I had expected it to.


I feel that the course was conducted well.

The above results are based on 78 delegate responses.

Course Instructor

james wakefield

James Wakefield
Director, Asia Pacific

Dr James Wakefield graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc in Pharmacology in 2001, before obtaining an MSc in Toxicology at the University of Surrey in 2002 and his PhDat the University of Newcastle in 2006 with a Thesis on dermal absorption and the development of in vitro models for skin irritation.

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The Delphic Promise

Successful completion of this training will ensure each delegate is:

  • Competent with both the UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations
  • Familiar with the compliance journey
  • Comfortable with a product safety assessment and the impact of pass and fail
  • Able to identify potential issues before they arise
  • Trained to a high standard using real industry experience