Going Global Module 2 – Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products



Course Summary

Module 2 – Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products

19, 20 & 22 April 2022
25-27 October 2022

Product safety is not only a legal obligation, but also vital to protect the reputation of your company and the wellbeing of your consumers. All companies have a responsibility to ensure the toxicological safety of finished products and the chemicals that are used within them. Determining the safety of any product containing chemicals requires critical analysis of toxicological data and an understanding of real-life exposures. In many cases legislation on product safety specifically stipulates minimum levels of training and expertise that an individual must obtain before they can be considered suitably competent to undertake such a task.

Learning Objectives

  • At the end of this Module, the participant will understand:
  • The history and current status of Cosmetic Safety Assessments
  • Exposure modelling in Cosmetic Safety Assessment
  • Toxicological profiling of cosmetic Ingredients
  • The Risk Assessment process
  • Developments in next generation Risk Assessment