Going Global Module 3 – Claims & Substantiation



Course Summary

Module 2 – Claims & Substantiation

Dates: 23-24 May 2022
Dates: 8 October - 10 November 2022

Claims of the qualities and effects of using cosmetics are powerful marketing tools. Properly managed, such claims can result in a substantial financial advantage for the manufacturer. The current popular debate, however, is how can claims be substantiated and what constitutes an accurate or even ethical claim. Cosmetic regulations are quite clear on cosmetic labelling requirements and the claims made about the product. Claims should not be misleading and should allow the consumer to make an informative decision based on product claims that are legally compliant, truthful, honest, fair and backed up with adequate evidence. In this Module we will explore claims in detail. Going Global will provide an immersive and practical training module, rich with case examples to help the participant better understand Cosmetic Claims & Claims Substantiation.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this Module, the participant will understand:

  • Free-from Claims
  • Efficacy-based Claims
  • Safety Claims (Hypoallergenic, Sensitive Skin, etc)
  • Cruelty-free Claims
  • Environmental Claims (Recyclable, Biodegradable, Sustainable, Environmental Toxicity, etc)