What is “natural” in cosmetics – the Standards of the ISO 16128 (21 July 2021)


Webinar Delivered via MS Teams
21 July 2021

10:00 am (UK)
11:00 am (CET)

Fee: £150 (£95 for 3 or more persons)


This specialist event is one in a series of Delphic HSE webinars to provide the most current and relevant information for professionals in the cosmetic industry.

The market for ‘natural’ cosmetics is growing rapidly.  In Europe, the market for all cosmetics is steady at approx. 4% growth per annum.  Compare this with the same market for natural cosmetics at 24% growth (source: Netherlands CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

But what is ‘natural’ in cosmetics?

The publication of ISO 16128 in 2016 / 2017, provides guidelines and voluntary standards for manufacturers of natural cosmetics.  Unlike other process controls in the cosmetic industry, naturality remains largely unregulated.  The application of ISO 16128 can help manufacturers to prepare and describe their products consistently.   

In this webinar, experts from Delphic HSE will:

  • Define natural and organic in cosmetics, ingredients and raw materials
  • Explain how to apply ISO 16128
  • Calculate naturalness index in line with ISO 16128
  • Discuss best practice in natural cosmetics and examine case studies

The Delphic Promise

We promise that each delegate completing this training will have a competent understanding of:

  • Regulations and your responsibilities in your region(s) of interest
  • Challenges and solutions to cosmetic distribution in your region(s) of interest
  • Sources of further information and when to engage Delphic HSE services