Delphic HSE is celebrating our 15 year anniversary

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15 Year Anniversary

In the past 15 years, Delphic has grown from one person working from a back bedroom, hoping to make a living, sending out reports by post to clients around the world to a multi-location group of 60+ people with operations in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Amsterdam and Camberley here in the UK. We will soon have a database system that will enable clients to enter projects and interact with the assessors and regulatory experts and monitor the progress of their work. We have moved from a reasonably well hopelessly organised individual to an organisation that is certified to ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 27001 for Cyber Security. We collaborate with international organisations and Governments on projects that will guide the future of safety and risk assessment. We are recognised as a leader in our field of expertise and staff members lecture at Universities and sit on international committees. All a long way from an individual in their back bedroom.

Since inception, Delphic HSE has established a reputation, that is globally recognised and considered as a leading exert in the area of product compliance. Our growth includes:

At the core of our success is our clients, their confidence in our services and their unwavering support. We do not consider this to be a supplier-client relationship, this is always a partnership, with a shared purpose, to keep people safe.

And what of the future? The future is an undiscovered country. Who can tell what the next 15 years will bring, but we will not be standing still. There are other continents that we believe may be in need of the services that we can offer. We have expertise in risk assessment and the interpretation and implementation of legislation that can be applied to other fields and areas of work. We have an integrated team that can come together to solve problems for people, a degree of experience and expertise that is not common. We will all be able to look forward to new challenges and opportunities as they arise in what is an increasingly unstable world.

Instability brings about change – and we at Delphic are good at that!

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