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Hong Kong Positions

Principal Toxicologist

Job Title: Principal Toxicologist

Reporting to: Office Manager

Department/Location: Hong Kong

Salary: dependent on experience. 

Job Overview

As a Principal Toxicologist you will work with consumer related products and in particular product safety assessments. This role will be a service level client facing role where you will be required to carry out various assessments on consumer products including cosmetic mixtures.  You will be responsible for mentoring and supporting more junior toxicologists and ensuring the high standard of work output from the office.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Completion of toxicological reports and compliance services for a range of products in-line with current regulation.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with regulatory agency contacts, and other appropriate individuals or organisations.
  • Review of various registers, newsletters, standards, interpretations, in order to find and renew reference materials.
  • Implementing updates directly into Delphic HSE Database or, for larger updates, provide instructions for and management of the update.
  • Resolve regulatory-related issues as reported by clients/staff, including the creation and maintenance of documentation that clearly describes the interpretation and understanding.
  • Leading or supporting company communication activities; including website updates, newsletters, service offer updates, etc.
  • Be the lead technical contact within the office, supporting and advising junior staff as and when possible.
  • Monitoring the standards of the work output by completing regular monthly QC’s of office output.
  • Liaising with management of staff and training requirements based on QC outcomes or work opportunities

Successful Candidate will:-

  • Be educated to degree level within Toxicology.
  • Have around 10 years of previous experience
  • Understand consumer product safety and compliance regulations
  • Be able to manage large complex and multiple projects
Trainee Toxicologist

Job Title: Trainee Toxicologist

Reporting to:  Senior Toxicologist / Office Manager

Department/Location: Toxicology Department – Delphic HSE Offices, UK, HK or NL

Salary: dependent on experience.

Main Purpose

  • To support the senior toxicologists with the preparation and completion of product safety assessments.
  • Training to achieve professional qualifications and be able to complete assessments independently.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Technical Data Entry
  • Toxicological profiling of raw materials
  • Completing consumer product safety assessments to be checked by a Senior Toxicologist.
  • Carry out bespoke research and reports to help support the Senior Toxicologists.
  • Managing allocated workload to ensure tasks are completed on time and to a suitable quality.
  • Liaising with customers and other members of the team in order to ensure tasks are completed.
  • Customer service by phone, email or in-person visits
  • Achieve membership(s) of appropriate professional body at a level in keeping with tasks undertaken, including CPD as required

Any other comments

Activities may change as needed to support the needs of the company.  Training will be planned & reviewed on an annual basis & courses will be provided. The Staff Member will be expected to apply themselves fully to the courses in-order to ensure they develop as required by the company. The company will invest in training for the Staff Member & give them all the tools available to assist in their learning. Some out of office hours learning and practice may be required.

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