Company Philosophy

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All organisations have a culture, belief system and way of working and ours is no different.

Such attitudes are set from the outset and the culture of Delphic HSE Solutions Ltd
(in all of its current and future guises) is simple:

This philosophy forms the backbone of what we do and will form the basis of all operations moving forward into the years ahead. No compromise or drop in standards is acceptable if we are to maintain our current client base and increase it in the future.

Our Credentials

Delphic HSE is a company comprising experienced and highly qualified professionals in the fields of toxicology, pathology, biology, product safety, cosmetic safety assessment, and environmental management and assessment. We are proud to boast the following:

First established


Combined years in science


Number of RP clients


Number of toxicologists


Global Regulations (in last 12 months)


Number of RP products


Number of compliance experts


Average growth per year


Client satisfaction for training

90% - 100% positive approvals

Number of active clients


Average number of safety assessments per year


Number of offices

3 in Europe and Asia

Number of regulations covered


TAT for label, safety, claims reviews

2day, 5 day & 10 day

Client type

Retail, Manufacturer, Distributors, Ecommerce & Government

Delphic HSE is proud to be Cyber Essentials Plus certified