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We specialise in the safety assessment of toys containing chemical substances, supporting not just manufacturers throughout the supply chain but industry bodies.

Bringing a toy or childrens product to market can be an onerous task, and product safety is often the primary issue toy manufacturers deal with. At Delphic HSE we specialise in helping organisation of all sizes meet the complex needs of their products, ensuring the highest levels of consumer safety and brand protection.

Chemical safety and toxicological risk is an issue that can affect a wide range of toy products available on current markets. From dedicated chemistry & experimental sets through to paints, glues, markers, impregnated plastics & fabrics, slimes, modelling clays, doughs, fingerpaints and everything in between an increasing number of products include an intentional release of chemicals, fragrances as part of their functionality.

Delphic HSE are specialised in the safety assessment of toys containing chemical substances and mixtures, supporting not just manufacturers throughout the supply chain but industry bodies as well. Our in-house experts have many years of experience in assessing the safety of finished products and their components, as well as supporting the industry on regulatory and toxicology issues, including advising bodies such as the Toy Industries of Europe (TIE).
We are able to offer toxicological risk assessments for major international markets, including Europe, North America and Oceania. In addition we offer labelling advice & reviews, regulatory compliance checks and advice on CE Marking. Working in combination with carefully selected partner laboratories we can also assist with the physical and mechanical safety of toy products, as well as routine or bespoke chemical & analytical testing.

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