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The Modernization of the Cosmetics Regulation Act 2022

Thank you for visiting and welcome to the Delphic HSE dedicated MoCRA digital service support resource

Delphic HSE has been working directly with industry to create a suite of services and practical information to help our clients understand the requirements of MoCRA. Within this resource you will discover:

  • A detailed guide to MoCRA
  • Understand the requirements of your supply chain and the ‘roles and responsibilities’ within MoCRA
  • Key deadlines and ‘milestones’ set forth within MoCRA
  • Dedicated Questions and Answers spotlight
  • How to plan for MoCRA
  • How to implement your MoCRA Plan
  • How to maintain your MoCRA Plan
  • Liaison and communication with the FDA
  • How Delphic HSE can be your US partner to ensure you are MoCRA Compliant
  • How to stay well-informed of future MoCRA updates


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