2022 Dragon Boat Race in Hong Kong

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Delphic HSE is proud to sponsor Loreley Dragon Boat Team in Hong Kong. Every year Team Loreley works hard to train ready for races which happen around Hong Kong. The main race that the team train for is the Stanley Championship Races which happen on the Dragon Boat Festival public holiday. This year that fell on Friday 3rd June.

Normally the team would start training in February, however this year due to Covid-19 restrictions persisting in Hong Kong, we were only able to begin training at the start of May once the restrictions were relaxed.

With limited time to train, the team put in all of their efforts jumping back into the dragon boat and getting up to speed. Luckily the team was not too rusty and once back in the boat, we focussed on training for the Stanley Championship Race.

The race is a 270m sprint, and attracts both Open and Corporate Teams, of either Mixed, Womens or Open Categories and includes competitions in Standard Boats (18 paddlers) and Small Boats (12 paddlers). Loreley as a Mixed team, entered in both the Mixed Standard Boat and the Mixed Small Boat Categories.

We have had some fantastic results!

Runners Up in the Silver Cup Final, placing us 7th overall in our mixed boat, and winning the Gold Plate Final, putting us 7th overall in our mixed small boat.

With some very strong teams racing, these are two fantastic results for us, and our race times even suggest we could’ve done even better.

Well done to all of our paddlers, and a huge thank you to our sponsors @drinkbubbleme & @carbonbrews for keeping us hydrated.

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