It is my pleasure to be able to congratulate Dr Lisa Tian on her successful application to the UK and EuroTox Register of Toxicologists.

This application is a great achievement not only for Lisa but for Delphic HSE as a whole and one that strengthens the Delphic HSE team.

Read Dr Lisa Tian's profile.


About the UK and EuroTox Register of Toxicologists

In response to the need for international harmonisation and mutual recognition of qualifications, the UK Register of Toxicologists (UKRT), sponsored by the Royal Society of Biology and the British Toxicology Society, was established in 1993 and is now a Special Interest Group of the Royal Society of Biology.

By identifying professional toxicologists with suitable qualifications and experience, it is intended that the Register fosters competence in practice and makes publicly available authoritative sources of information on toxicological matters. The attainment of registration is seen as a significant milestone in a career in toxicology and will become increasingly desirable for career progression. The designation "Registered Toxicologist" is not lightly given and has to be maintained by regular (5 yearly) review of continuing education and practice in toxicology.


Written by
James Wakefield
Director, Asia Pacific

Post uploaded 11th October 2017

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