Delphic HSE Contingency Arrangements to combat COVID-19 outbreak

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Despite the current global challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, Delphic HSE remains fully operational and committed to provide all services, without interruption to our clients. Delphic HSE has a robust business continuity plan to protect our staff, our processes and our clients. We will meet our work obligations without compromise. Delphic HSE benefits from a centralized (off-site) server, back-up communications and database support allowing our teams to continue operations regardless of any transportation restrictions or government advice where operations may be impacted.

Delphic HSE has experienced a significant growth over the last 4 years. Our continued global expansion has been matched by our recruitment of additional scientific and customer support staff. For example, in the last 8 weeks Delphic HSE has:

  • appointed new Client Services staff to ensure that communication with our clients remains a top priority
  • appointed new Project Coordination staff to ensure that the organization of work, projects, data and timelines receives continuous improvement
  • appointed specialist Toxicologists and Regulatory advisors to ensure increases in demand our matched by additional resources

Delphic HSE is grateful for your continued business. If you have any questions or want additional information, do not hesitate to contact any of our operational offices at:

United Kingdom: +44 (0)1252 856 700
Hong Kong: +(852) 2657 8198
Netherlands: +31 (0) 20799 1525

Alternatively, please contact us here.

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