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Dr. Lally Lai Yee Chan graduated with a BSc in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University before going on to obtain a MSc in Pharmacology from The University of British Columbia, in Vancouver Canada.

Beginning her career at the Institute of Molecular Biology with The University of Hong Kong, she subsequently perused a PhD in Immunology with the Faculty of Medicine focused on the immune signalling pathways between HIV and microbial infections.

Before joining Delphic HSE, she helped and established numerous clinical studies & late phase trials with global pharmaceutical companies at the Prince of Wales Hospital. She also managed the early phase clinical trials that were FDA and EMA regulated with Bio-Cancer Treatment International Limited. 

With a keen interest in the field of toxicology, she joined Delphic HSE in March 2020 and is based in the Hong Kong office. She is mainly responsibility for risk assessment of consumer products. 

Dr. Lally Lai Yee Chan


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