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Regulatory Change

From the 1st January 2020, the newly named South Korean Regulation on Standards for Marking Cosmetics Usage Precautions and Fragrance Allergens, requires all cosmetic products to label the presence of 25 known allergenic substances, when concentrations in the finished formula exceeds certain thresholds.

The 25 Fragrance Allergens

No.INCI Name(1)CAS Number
1Amyl Cinnamal122-40-7
2Benzyl Alcohol100-51-6
3Cinnamyl Alcohol104-54-1
8Amyl Cinnamal Alcohol101-85-9
9Benzyl Salicylate118-58-1
13Anise Alcohol105-13-5
14Benzyl Cinnamate103-41-3
16Butylphenyl Methypropional80-54-6
18Benzyl Benzoate120-51-4
20Hexyl Cinnamal101-86-0
22Methyl 2-Octynoate111-12-6
23Alpha-Isomethyl lonone127-51-5
24Evernia Prunastri (Oakmoss) Extract90028-68-5
25Evernia Furfuracea (Treemoss) Extract90028-67-4

(1) labelling will have to utilise Korean INCI Names as listed in the Regulation

What if a product contains these?

If one of the 25 substances listed above is present in the finished product formula, they are to appear on the product label, when:

  • The concentration exceeds 0.01% in a rinse-off product,
  • The concentration exceeds 0.001% in a leave-on product.

Note: If an allergen is present in various ingredients with the product, the total concentration must be calculated to verify the threshold and labelling requirements detailed above.

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